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Balkantours as a Tourist & Ship Agency servicing cruise ships along the lower Danube is vibrantly present, now with 25+ years of experience in the demanding business of Tourism!

As a licensed Tour Agent and Operator we have a continuous and good experience in performing shore excursions for the passenger river ships as well as tours for river-sea and sea-going cruise ships along the Bulgarian Black Sea seaside.

We also organize tailor-made land tours around the country as well as fringe events like wine tasting, Bulgarian yoghurt tasting, Rosa Damascena products tasting, theatre and music performances, lectures, folklore and classical music entertainment, etc. at different ports.

The land tours we organize really give one an 'insider's view' as well as a broad and comprehensive idea of Bulgaria's history, culture and people as introduced by most experienced guides, speaking a Babel of tongues, recognized for their expertise, enthusiasm and knowledge of the area.

As a Ship Agent, Balkantours also executes due services for the passenger ships calling Bulgarian ports.

We are owners of Pontoon No.9 in port Rousse, Bulgaria, close to the city center.

Balkantours is a 100% Private Company which means we have a flexible and partner-friendly policy.

All matters like contracting, financing and pricing are open and subjective to negotiation in a mutually satisfactory manner.

Last but not least, we are very open to new ideas and readily would assist in picking something especially for your type of guests, something unique that will make them remember the tour and advertise the adventure to friends and acquaintances.

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Our Ports in Bulgaria

BALKANTOURS is owner of pontoon No.9 in port Rousse, Bulgaria, situated at a 10 min. walking distance from the city center. Available at the pontoon are: fresh water, electricity, souvenir kiosk. As a Ship Agent we are executing due, round the clock services, for all types of vessels calling Bulgarian ports. We accomplish full finalizing of the check in/out procedures for all authorities, formalizing the necessary documentation. The Agency also provides for fuel bunkering, food and beverage supplying, laundry, garbage disposal, transfers from/to the Airports in Bucharest, Sofia, Varna.

Artisian Street

Historical theatre in
Baba Vida Castle

Bulgarian yoghurt and Banitza

Lecture of Bulgarian Icon painting